Beth Karlin, PhD

Founder & CEO

Dr. Beth Karlin founded the See Change Institute in Spring 2015 to take the world’s leading academic research “to the streets” and help those doing good in the public space do it better. In addition to her work at See Change, Beth is the founding director of the Transformational Media Lab at the University of California, Irvine and Research Director at the University of Southern California’s Norman Lear Center, where she works to study and shape the impact of entertainment on society. Beth has published her work in venues ranging from Psychological Bulletin to Peace Studies (as well as some that don’t start with the letter “p”) and lectures regularly on Transformational Media and the Psychology of Sustainability. Before receiving her Ph.D. in Social Ecology, Beth spent nearly a decade working in K-12 education, holding positions as a teacher, counselor, and school administrator. Check out more about Beth at


Sena Koleva, PhD

Research Director

Dr. Sena Koleva is Research Director at See Change. She has over a decade of experience with designing and implementing quantitative research studies and has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles and handbook chapters. She co-created and ran, one of the largest web platforms for psychological research. Sena has studied human morality and values, political psychology, sustainability psychology, romantic relationships, and positive psychology. After earning a doctorate in social and personality psychology from the University of California Irvine, she was a Postdoctoral Fellow and lecturer at the University of Southern California, and an adjunct professor at the CSU Los Angeles. She believes in the power of psychological science, especially once freed from the walls of academia, to improve people's lives and hopes that her work can enable people, organizations, and policy-makers to build individual, community, and global well-being.


Lea Lupkin

Project Manager, Energy & Behavior

Lea Lupkin, MA. is a Project Manager at the See Change. She earned a Master of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. At Yale, she was a research assistant at the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and was project manager of a solar diffusion research project funded by the DOE Sunshot Initiative. Her articles for the Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum have been published in GreenBiz. For over four years, Lea helped to grow GreenerU, a new company driving energy and sustainability solutions at higher education institutions in the Northeast U.S.  At GreenerU, she helped lead the Behavior and Sustainability division and developed behavior and organizational change strategies. Lea also previously worked with the Sustainable Endowments Institute researching innovative financing mechanisms for sustainability.  She is a proud pitbull owner and trained Group Facilitator.


Jason Kaufman

Research Associate, Boy Genius

Jason Kaufman, M.A. recently graduated with a masters in History from Oxford with a focus in the environmental history of urban development in the American West. He also graduated with a BS in Earth Systems from Stanford, where he focused on environmental science, economics, and policy. Previously, he worked as a project manager in a medical research lab before joining SCI as a Research Associate.


Megan Boswell

Special Project Coordinator

Megan Boswell studied International Relations at USC before joining Summit Series as their Director of Experience Design prior to the Powder Mountain project. She joined SCI to work on creative projects related to business administration and development, including marketing/branding and organizational culture. 


Rebecca Ford, PhD

Science Advisor
Oxford University

Dr. Rebecca Ford is a researcher at the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute who recently served as Deputy Director of the Center for Sustainability at the University of Otago, New Zealand. Her research focuses on emerging technologies that encourage and enable sustainable energy use. In addition to her work at SEE Change, Rebecca’s current projects explore the integration of renewables into energy systems, and opportunities for de-carbonising university campuses. Rebecca holds a DPhil in Engineering from the University of Oxford, and her dissertation, on disaggregation of residential energy feedback, led to the founding of Intelligent Sustainable Energy, a subsidiary of Navetas Energy Management Ltd.


Angela Sanguinetti, PhD

Science Advisor
University of California, Davis

Dr. Angela Sanguinetti is an ecological behaviorist. She studies relationships between people and their environments, including benefits of spending time in nature and how we experience and understand our interdependence with natural resources. Dr. Sanguinetti is a researcher at UC Davis, where she directs the Consumer Energy Interfaces Lab and brings her behavioral expertise to projects for the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research Center, Center for Water and Energy Efficiency, and Western Cooling Efficiency Center. Dr. Sanguinetti is also the Director of the Cohousing Research Network, where she seeks to strengthen the rigor and impact of research establishing the personal, societal, and environmental benefits of living in collaborative neighborhoods.


Lisa Zaval, PhD

Science Advisor
Columbia University

Dr. Lisa Zaval is a postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia University, working at the Center for Decision Sciences (Columbia Graduate School of Business) and at the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (Department of Psychology). Her research focuses on judgment and decision making, choice architecture and sustainable consumer behavior.  Lisa holds a Ph.D from Columbia University. Her work investigates choice architecture related to sustainability and pro-environmental decision making, investigating how features of the decision context can influence different attitudes and behaviors (e.g., green product choice, charitable giving). A related line of work investigates the underlying psychological drivers that influence these climate change judgments. Lisa's work has been cited over 300 times and has been published in venues ranging from Psychological Science to Nature Climate Change.


Sea Rotmann, PhD

Sustainable Energy Advice

After years of working on practical solutions and policy to embed sustainability into Government best practices, Dr. Sea Rotmann moved back towards research from a governance perspective. Sea was the Principal Scientist and Research Team Manager at New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) for 4 years. In late 2011, she started her own consultancy called SEA - Sustainable Energy Advice Ltd, focusing on turning behavior change theory into (global) best practice. 

Sea acts as the Operating Agent on Task 24 from the International Energy Agency’s Demand-Side Management (DSM) Program (, titled ‘Behavior Change in DSM’. In this Task, which includes working with over 300 experts from over 20 countries, she is looking at translating behavioral theory into actionable practice. She works on field research pilots across the world in sectors as varied as building management operators in major hospital networks in North America; solar PV neighborhood sharing schemes in New Zealand; green leases in commercial office buildings in Sweden; and using libraries as Middle Actors to distribute energy saving kits in the residential sector in Ireland. She runs storytelling, collaboration and shared learning workshops facilitating ‘Behavior Changers’ to develop a collective impact approach for (energy) system transitions across the globe.