Behavior, Energy, and Sustainability Training

We've brought together an expert team of engineers, behavioral scientists and practitioners to develop a first-of-it-kind behavioral training for Building Operators and Energy Managers. This one-day course (date and location TBD) will empower you to better understand and influence the human aspect of resource use in your buildings and organizations.

Why behavior training?

  • About 20% of avoidable wasted resources (water, energy, waste) are due to people’s behavior.

  • We can access this “behavioral potential” by empowering Building Operators and Energy Managers to better understand and influence the human aspect of resource use and waste.

  • They are the people on the ground who know your systems and processes best and it’s time to bring them on board. This will give them an extra tool in their toolbox to improve efficiency, minimize waste and create better relationships with the users of their buildings.

  • Our team has decades of collective experience designing and evaluating employee greening programs with organizations ranging from hotels to hospitals, and everything in between. 


The BEST Team

Beth Karlin, Ph.D. (See Change Institute, California, US)

David Bligh, P.Eng, (EfficiencyOne, Nova Scotia, CA)

Eric Mazzi, Ph.D., PE, CEM, CMVP (Mazzi Consulting, Vancouver, CA)

Kady Cowan (Independent Electricity System Operator, Ontario, CA)

Kathy Kuntz (Cool Choices, Wisconsin, US)

Robert Cox, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, North Carolina, US)

Sea Rotmann, Ph.D. (Sustainable Energy Advice Ltd, Wellington, NZ)


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